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I really like the way you drew Lilith here. She's one of my favorite DarkStalkers characters, and the way you drew her really seems to ...



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Feet FAQs Template 4.0

Feet FAQ's - Lilica Ebett (Burn Up! W)


Lilica: Hi, I'm Lilica Ebett! I'm the technology specialist for the Team Warrior! I design the gadgets for Rio and Maya to use in the field.  It's always so much fun seeing them do their best, even when Maya loses her temper and Rio ends up messing up royally! It's so much fun, no matter what happens!
Q: What Kind Of Shoes Do You Like To Wear?
A: I usually have to wear loafers to work, but when I'm off-duty, I love wearing sandals or sneakers.  Sometimes flats if I'm doing something formal.
Q: What's Your Foot Size?
A: I believe I'm a size 6.
Q: Do You Prefer Wearing Shoes With Socks/Hose or Barefoot?
A: I only wear socks when I'm wearing sneakers and it's cold out.  As for hose, I usually don't wear that unless I'm at a formal occasion, and even then it's usually flesh colored.  Otherwise, I prefer wearing shoes barefoot... oh wait, does that even make sense? *giggles*
Q: Do You Wear Foot Jewelery?
A: I do wear a toe ring on the second toe of my right foot.
Q: What Are Your Thoughts On The Various Pics and Fics Of Your Feet On The
A: I haven't seen that many, honestly, but I'm flattered people like my feet!
Q: Do You Ever Had People Stare At Your Feet? And Has Anyone Ever Complemented
You On Them?
A: I've seen many people, especially Yuji, staring at my feet.  And sometimes when I'm barefoot I do get compliments from people.
Q: Do You Think Your Feet Are Pretty?
A: I definitely do! My feet are small but cute!
Q: How Often Do Your Feet Get Tired?
A: Honestly, while I do sit down a lot, I also have to do a bit of walking around too, so my feet do get tired after a long day in those loafers.
Q: How Often Do You Take Care Of Your Feet?
A: I like to get pedicures once in awhile.
Q: Do You Paint Your Toenails? If So What Color?
A: Bright pink, just like my hair! *giggles*
Q: Have You Ever Received A Foot Massage? And Do You Enjoy Having Them
A: I once got a foot massage from Nanvel, and it feels really nice.
Q: How Often Do You Go Barefoot? (Besides At The Usual Places)? And Do You
Find It Comforting?
A: I always go barefoot at home. The moment I get in, I strip my shoes and socks and let my feet breathe! And yes, being barefoot really makes me feel good!
Q: Do You Shoeplay (ie. play with your shoes with your feet)?
A: Sometimes I do when I'm at work.  I get distracted easily.
Q: How Do You Feel About Foot Fetish?
A: I'd have to look into it more.
Q: Who Would You Love To Worship Your Feet?
A: That's a secret! *giggles*
Q: Who Would You Love To Massage Your Feet?
A: I love having Nanvel massage my feet.
Q: Do You Have Ticklish Feet? And If So,Which Part Is The Most Ticklish?
A: Oh yes, my feet are very ticklish! I'm especially ticklish on the soles of my feet and on my toes!
Q: Have You Ever Had Your Feet Tickled?
A: Once, Nanvel tickled my feet as a joke.  Another time, Maya got mad at me for not having her new gadgets ready, and tickled me as punishment.
Q: Would You Be Willing To Be A Foot Model If The Price Was Right?
A: Don't tell anyone I told you this, but I don't make enough money as it is, so maybe.
Q: Do You Have Any Special Talent That You Can Do With Your Feet? If So,Can You Show Us?
A: Well, do you know that pose the lotus? Where you put your feet on opposing thighs? I can do that without using my hands if that counts. *she slips off her loafers to demonstrate, before putting them back on*
Q: Can We See You Barefoot?
A: Sure, why not? *she slips off her loafers and wiggles her toes*
Q: Can I Touch/Feel Your Feet?
A: Be my guest! *feels her feet, causing Lilica to blush and smile*
Q: Can I Tickle Your Feet?
A: OK, but be gentle. *tickles the soles of her feet, causing her to giggle*
Q: Can I Massage Your Feet?
A: Would you? I'd love that. *massages her feet gently, causing her to smile*
Q: Can I Kiss Your Feet?
A: Just one kiss. *kisses the toe with the toe ring, causing her to blush*
Q: Can I Play With Your Toes?
A: Play with my toes? Oh, you mean like This Little Piggie? Don't tell anyone

I told you this, but I'd love that. *plays This Little Piggie with all ten of her toes, causing her to laugh hysterically*
Q: How Would You Personally Rate This Interview? From 1-5.
A: I'd definitely give it a 5! I had a lot of fun!
Thank You For Taking This Time To Do This Little Q&A Session!

Lilica: Why you're very welcome! *gives a thumbs up and a big smile while winking*
Feet FAQS - Lilica Ebett
After reading the Feet FAQs that :iconmegaman-dbz: did, I decided to try my own.  This one is with Lilica Ebett from Burn Up! W.
(Reference pic here:… )
After a hiatus, I'm back...
Do you think I've improved? I didn't mean to make it look like she's scowling.  This is based off of one of my drawing books.

I didn't have a scanner at the time, so I had to use my phone.
"Everything must be done one and the same."
That is the rules to your stupid game.
We all must look and move in the same way,
And sound the same in what we sing or say.

Well I'm here to tell you something may not enjoy,
But I'm gonna tell you that I'm not your personal toy!
I do what I do, I say what I say, I feel what I feel,
And I don't care if what I'm telling you causes you to reel!

You can try to convince me but I won't change my ways,
It'll always be my own way, for all the nights and all the days.
And if it just so happens that you don't believe me,
Then let me tell you just how things are going to be:

I'm going to zag, when the others are made to zig.
You can tell us to be small, but I'll definitely make it big.
If you tell us to go to the left, then I'm going nowhere but right.
And prepare for something heavy if you tell us to be light.

If you want us to wear red, I'm gonna wear blue.
I'm sorry to break it to you, but that's a fact which is true.
And you may gather us and demand a big smile, but all you'll get is a frown.
Go ahead, ask me, I don't care, if you want to know why I look so down.

You can't handle the truth, but I'll give it to you anyway.
Because the truth hurts, but it's what I have to say!
Prepare yourself, if you can, for a very big shock.
It might hit you enough that it knocks you off your giant block!

I am a non-conformist, and I am proud to be one too!
If you don't like it, that's fine, I'm me, not you!
I'm not being hardheaded, nor am I trying to be stubborn.
I'm a unique, one of a kind girl, and that's the way I'll always be!

©2016 Reina Adair
The Non-Conformist
This was a piece I came up with at work today.  I was remembering the times when I was forced to do everything the same when I was in school or other places.  All because everything has to be one and the same for whatever reason.  I've noticed that in a lot of creative movement arts, such as certain types of dance and cheerleading routines, everything is all done perfectly the same in full unison.  Ever since I was young, I've always believed in doing things differently, just because.  And this is my point of view on it.

Oh, you'll notice that the last two lines don't rhyme.  That's because it's supposed to be a non-comformity thing!
Meet Lauren Tyler!
This is the character who is also the inspiration for my new name! I like to think of her as a descendant of the original Larcen Tyler.  These are the basics of Miss Tyler:

Name: Lauren Renee Tyler
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Occupation: Ranger
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Blood Type: A+

It's not the best, since I was using an emulator, but it should give a basic idea of who my new persona is!
May 7, 2016
:iconlauren-tyler:Lauren-Tyler has changed their username (formerly LarcenTyler)
Recently, I was thinking about coming up with a new name for myself online, but it would be hard saying goodbye to 'Larcen Tyler,' because it's been with me for nearly twenty years as my online ID.  Yet something had to be done because I didn't feel right using the name.  Then one day, while I was in a phase of thought, I had a thought about a name that sounded similar to Larcen but was female.  And then I had it: Lauren Tyler!

So as of tonight, I'm changing my username here to Lauren Tyler.  I'm even including a picture of 'Lauren' and a back story is to be coming forth! For now, my username is changing, but I'm still the same as always!

Friends (if I forgot you or want to be added, let me know):
:iconrajee: :iconkahoshiden: :iconpsylisiadragoon: :icongrippedchimp: :iconkiyarasabel: :iconstarlightlynn30: :iconliokaiser: :iconkd8lmno: :iconbaileybot: :iconkyavalentine: :iconmckaosu: :iconbloodrubiesnata: :iconryu-gi: :iconyuraofthehairfan: :icontomatodragon: :iconblizzardwolf: :icon11j: :iconsandcastler: :iconshayeragal: :iconshegosdrakken: :iconpsyconorikan: :iconparasitekola: :iconneophyte-zero: :iconcheshirecatny: :icondrakhand006: :icondavealvarez: :icondatfilthysora: :iconhect06: :iconblivoryss: :iconerevere: :icondemon-without-horns: :iconbleedingmoon114: :iconchrissy-hime: :iconticklishtikal: :iconmetafoxx278: :iconwitchygoddess10: :iconhomunculuslover: :iconriskygamble: :iconpawfeather: :iconjamesdawsey: :icontwinenigma: :icondrei-chan: :iconthewindknight: :iconrespett: :iconsoldier2000: :iconcole-chan: :iconvalaquia: :iconsameladoo: :iconfreebooterfox: :iconicarians: :iconmarktmcc: :iconninjasammi: :iconfalcontk: :iconcheshirecaterling: :iconkingcole58: :iconsnailshell: :iconbigmac1212: :iconladylysander: :iconamelia-seyruun: :icontheotaqueen: :iconurasei: :iconmalice-requiem: :icondemonkingx666: :iconlassic: :iconmintymousyx: :iconh-reaper: :icondashadyalien: :iconamaffa: :iconpipesmokinggentleman: :iconndt2000: :iconj3v1l: :iconsl44n3sh: :iconmastersamus117: :iconblackhatpirate: :iconayanematrix: :iconpariahexilewrath: :iconmetallearner: :iconrocmegamanx: :iconfeathers01: :iconstan4us: :iconmystic-fire: :iconfrozendreamer: :iconperigryn7280: :icongreenfrostfire: :iconnuclear-blizzard: :iconmongril27v: :iconskillustrate: :iconblackwolfgrimm: :iconwistrever: :iconthrashmaniacwarrior: :iconiorigaara: :iconjillvalentine01: :iconabadonx: :iconjezziewolf: :iconpf4life: :iconblcksheep: :iconmrporn: :iconscamwich: :iconatsushi-man: :iconryokoayeka88: :iconfire1311: :icondarkspeedxz: :iconpovgiantess: :iconrentin-rokudo: :iconpinkaila: :iconpsycho333: :iconzeroconfidence: :iconwolfsbanerevolution: :iconre4me95: :iconselfshotyourfeet: :icondarkinfinite333: :iconfetishistartist: :iconmad-hatter-1955: :iconryosgold: :iconwesker-chick: :iconsir-bombers: :iconwillgeorges: :iconkirathevixen: :iconzhaneaugustine: :icon12beast1212: :icondesperate-demise: :icontheironartist: :iconpascalofpiers: :iconthunder-bolt: :iconpolarbearnsfw: :iconbebob4999: :iconrhykross: :iconmununsah: :iconmatthew1930: :iconbondagelit: :iconjoshbeta1:


Project A-Ko II by stamps-of-yore Rebecca Chambers Fan by QuidxProxQuo I Talk to Myself Stamp by Latias-Flyer Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05 I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate Atari Stamp by DarkDijinArtie89 Old School Atari 2600 Stamp by dA--bogeyman Space Invaders Stamp by StirFryKitty Atari 2600: Stamp by JazzaX Positive artist stamp by griffsnuff Human to Artist-stamp- by MOTKK Anime Artists: by Rosee-de-Matin Manga Stamp by grovyle-n-wolfluvr FRIENDS STAMP by emo-city Stamp: Professional Fan Artist by KPenDragon Anti-Blocking Stamp by jocund-slumber Professional Artist by Huai I'm Bisexual and Proud stamp by Twilight-Witch I Love The 80s by SpyHunterStamps Motivation - Or not. by AssClownFish Cali Stamp by CheshireCaterling Slayers Stamp - Lina by midwaymilly Iria Stamp by Deathbymodding IRIA Stamp by Ellidegg Time Crisis Fan Stamp by SpyHunterStamps Radical Edward Stamp by PeylohsaurusRex Radical Edward Fan Stamp by xavs-stamps  Autism Stamp by jocund-slumber Depression Stamp by SparkLum
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Reina Adair
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
(If this actually works, it'll be a miracle.)

Current Residence: Somewhere on Earth.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: 2XL
Print preference: None
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock, 80s, Modern Rock, Electronic
Favourite style of art: Anime (primary), Sci-Fi, Fantasy, among others...
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: WinAmp
Shell of choice: Huh?
Wallpaper of choice: A Resident Evil Outbreak wallpaper someone did for me
Skin of choice: My own?
Favourite cartoon character: A-Ko Magami, Radical Edward, Winry Rockbell, and Scooby-Doo (Where Are You!)
Personal Quote: You said this deal was clean, Jin! -Hana Tsu-Vachel, "Fear Effect"


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